JOURNEYS OF HOPE: A Storytelling Cabaret

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Our journey to justice takes us on a road with many ups and downs. Along the way there are frustrations, turning points and accomplishments. We celebrate our successes, mourn our losses and gain clarity about challenges ahead by sharing stories. Join us for an afternoon of true stories from real life, as well as traditional stories and folktales from around the world as told by Downtown Eastside storytellers. 

Saturday Nov. 3, 2018. Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main Street (Free)


HEAR ALL ABOUT Journeys of Hope: A Storytelling Cabaret in this interview from Vancouver Co-op Radio's Arts Rational from Thursday, November 1, 2018. Host Jay Hamburger with guests Jim Sands, Karen Thorpe, Taninli Wright, and Teresa Vandertuin. The interview starts at the 2:15 mark following the introductory music by Terri-Lyyn Williams-Davidson.






Jim Sands is an East Vancouver based storyteller, actor, songwriter, musician and occasional clown who has performed both as a solo artist and with a variety of musical groups.


ON TWITTER: @jimsandspresent

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